Teaching English


Becoming an English teacher can be overwhelming, with all the acronyms, courses, schools, countries and potential jobs. 


Here we're going to try to help you wade through the information with a series of blogs from people who are teaching themselves.

In our New Teacher Tales series of blogs, we interview people who are teaching English abroad about how and where they started out, why they became English teachers and what advice they have for new teachers.

Thinking of teaching in Russia? Check out how Becky started.

Even thought you could teach English in Tanzania? Angela did it. Read her story.

Non-native speaking teacher wanting to start in the industry? Filipina Nadja did it in Vietnam and Anna did it in her home country of Ukraine.

Want to set up your own school? Read how Evonne from Malaysia started out.

Want to be a teacher trainer? That's what Sharon did in Hong Kong.

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